Honey is also known as liquid gold due to its unique nutritional and medicinal properties, that go well beyond as a natural food sweetener. Honey is called Madhu in Ayurveda and is used for both internal and external applications.

Depending on the bee, which collects honey, 8 types of Madhu are described and ‘Makshika’ (A type of Honey) is considered as best among them.

Synonyms – Madhu, Makshika, Bringavantham, Kshudram, Saradham, Vantham, Varadi, Madvikam

General Properties of Honey /Madhu

According to Charaka, it is one of those food items that can be taken daily.

Ayurvedic Properties of Honey

Rasa (Taste) Madhura (Sweet), Kashaya (Astringent)

Guna (Properties) Laghu (Light to digest), Rooksha (Causes Dryness)

Veerya (Potency) Sheeta (Cold)

Vipaka Madhura (Sweet)

Action on doshas Balances Kapha and Pitta Dosha.

Health benefits of Honey

  • It improves digestion
  • Improves the softness of the skin
  • It is good for the heart
  • Used in the healing of wounds and fractures
  • It is considered a natural detox agent
  • It is used in dyspnoea, diarrhoea, cough, cold, worm infestations, UTI, hiccup, and obesity.
  • It is used as a natural sweetener and preservative in Ayurvedic formulations.
  • Honey is used as a Anupana (vehicle) with few therapeutics to improve its efficacy or to alleviate the side effects.

Unique Chemical Properties of Honey

  • Super Saturated Sugar Solution: Enables honey to draw out water from a microorganism, kill them by desiccation
  • Honey is acidic: ph of 3.26 to 4.48, which is noxious for microbes
  • Honey has low water quantity: it has low water activity which creates conditions where microorganisms can’t survive.


A. 1. Nava Madhu (New Honey)

2. Purana Madhu (Old Honey)

B. 1 Makshikam

2 Bhraamara

3 Kshoudram

4 Pauthikam

5 Chatram

6 Aardhyam

7 Ouddalakam

8 Daalam



  • Honey, which is fresh or that which is less than a year old is called Nava Madhu.
  • It is Madhura (Sweet), Guru (Heavy for digestion), Sara (Induces mobility), Singhda (Unctuous)
  • It is Nourishing, helps in Weight Gain
  • It causes Diarrhoea and Purgation
  • It is Abhisyandhi, that which obstructs the channels of circulations.

  • Honey which is more than a year-old, is considered as Purana .
  • It acts as an absorbent, useful in diarrhea and IBS
  • Due to its scraping property, used in the treatment of obesity and to remove clots from blood vessels
  • It is used to balance Kapha due to Rooksha (Dry) and Kashaya (Astringent) properties.


It is collected from big dark-coloured bees, has oily colour.  It is best among all types of honey.


  • Useful in Eye disorders
  • It is used in the treatment of Jaundice and Liver disorders
  • Used for weight loss
  • Helpful in Haemorrhoids, Cough, Cold, and any injuries.


It is collected by smaller bees as compared to Makshika bees. It is Nirmala (Very clear) and Sphatikabha (white).

Qualities – Guru (Heavy for digestion), Pucchila (Sticky), Hima (Coolant), Swadu (Sweet)


  • Used in bleeding disorders such as Heavy menstruation flow, Nasal bleeding, etc.
  • It is used in Dysuria and Urinary retention


It is collected by Kapila Varna (Brown) bees

Qualities- Laghu (Light for digestion), Rooksha (Dry)


  • It is used in Kaphaja Prameha (Diabetes)
  • Used in Urinary tract ailments


It is collected by Black color bees

Qualities– Laghu (Light for digestion), Rooksha (Dry), Ushna (Hot)


  • It is used in Vidaha (Burning sensation)
  • Used in Prameha (Diabetes)
  • It is used in Shosha (Emaciation) and Kshata (Injury)
  • Used in Granthi (Fibroid, Tumors)


It is collected by the bees which are Chatra (Umbrella) shaped. It has Kapila Peeta varna (Brownish yellow color)

Qualities- Guru (Heavy for digestion), Pucchila (Sticky), Hima (Coolant), Swadu (Sweet)


  • Used in Krimi (Worm infestations)
  • It is useful in Raktapitta (Used in Bleeding disorders)
  • It is used in Bhrama (Delusions), Trushna (Excessive thirst) and Moha (Dizziness)


It is found as an extract of tress.

Qualities– astringent and pungent in taste


  • It is helpful in Dourbalya (Weakness and Fatigue)
  • It is used in Shosha (Emaciation)


Bees that live in an anthill produce a small quantity of brown honey called Auddalaka Madhu.

Qualities– Astringent and Sour


It is indicated in Aruchi (Anorexia) and Swarabheda (Harshness of voice)

  • It is used in Kushta (Leprosy), and Visha (Poisoning)


Qualities- Madhura (Sweet) and Amla (Sour) in taste, Guru (Heavy for digestion)


  • It is indicated in Agnimandya (Indigestion)
  • Used in Chardi (Vomiting) and Aruchi (Anorexia)
  • It is used in the treatment of Prameha (Diabetes) and Shosha (Emaciation)


  • Honey should not be heated or combined with hot food articles
  • It is not recommended for diabetic people
  • Honey should not be consumed in summer
  • Do not mix honey and Ghrita (Ghee) in equal quantities
  • Avoid intake of honey during indigestion
  • Do not drink hot water after consumption of honey


  • Honey with Garlic

  • Rejuvenates the skin and gives the everlasting glow
  • Due to anti-bacterial properties, it helps in common cold and allergies
  • This combination helps in Weight loss
  • Boosts immunity

  • Garlic Cinnamon Honey
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Boosts immunity
  • Used for treating skin infections
  • Helps strengthen joints
  • Helps treat bladder infections

  • Honey with Amla

This amazing combination treats several ailments

  • Helps in Weight loss and lowers bad Cholesterol
  • The combination has an anti-aging property and promotes healthy skin
  • Helps in the production of insulin
  • Stimulates appetite and helps in better digestion
  • Helps to boost Immunity

  • Honey with Dry fruits

  • This combination is extremely rich sources protein and nutrients.
  • Helpful in prevention of anemia
  • The combination is useful in diabetes and heart ailments
  • Used in reduction of bad cholesterol and memory enhancement.

  • Honey with Cinnamon

  • External application of this combination on the skin as a mask will help in acne
  • Acts as an effective weight-loss treatment
  • Useful in arthritis
  • Useful in Toothache, Cold, Cough and Bladder infections

  • Honey with Gulkand

  • The combination helps in Indigestion
  • Provides instant energy and relief from Burning sensation
  • Reduces Abdominal cramps and yellow discharge in women
  • Helps in constipation

  • Honey with Ginger

  • Acts as a natural pain killer and gives relief from cold & cough
  • Improves immunity due to anti-oxidant property
  • Helps to improve digestion
  • Prevents nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy.
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