About Rathna Biolife



Rathna Biolife Pvt Ltd is a two-decade old company and part of the successful Rathna Group of companies.

Starting with a small set up of just a few extractors in year 2003, its now grown into a fully-fledged herbal extraction facility spreading over 12 acres of land.

It has processed herbal extracts from over 100 different herbs.

Having obtained the licence to procure and process Ethanol, its known for solvent based extraction and specialises in enrichment to obtain higher Assay.

We have processed more than 100 products for various companies and continue to have a successful & long term partnership with many leading companies across the world

The Successful Partnership is built on the quality standards and timely completion of the given task.

The company has its roots in Ayurveda & Herbal medicines. It was way back in in 1905, the Great grandfather of the Present Managing Director Mr. Sudhakar Reddy, was known for successfully treating Paralysis. Even till date, many of his disciples are world renowned for treating paralysis successfully and at an affordable cost.

It was during Year 2000 that Mrs. B Rathna Reddy -Director of the company established an Herbal Park with over 400 medicinal Plants and many of these are also cultivated In house. Equipped with authentic Herbal extracts, started an Ayurveda Hospital with 25 beds to treat patients with various disorders like Paralysis, Jaundice, Diabetics, Kidney Health, Asthma with free consultation.

Thus it covers the entire gambit of Cultivation of Herbs, Extraction of herbs, Preparation of medicinal herbs with the extracts and Application of these across nutraceutical industry.

Our Vision

We research, extract and process medicines from nature. Our products are rooted in the ancient practices of Ayurveda but, embrace the technological advances of the 21st century, making out the products not only effective but, also free of side effects. Our aim is to elevate the effectiveness of Ayurveda sciences to produce high-quality extracts that can alleviate modern-day ailments and develop and sustain wellness.

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